Information about granted state aid, the entities receiving this aid and the providers granting it.

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About the state aid inventory


State aid information is provided by

(1) The state aid is expressed by the transmission of public goods, including in the form of financial means, to a beneficiary or by renouncing the supplier to certain future incomes, certain or possible that they would obtain from a beneficiary.
(2) The state aid can be granted in any form, including by:
a) subsidies and / or subsidies;
b) budgetary allocations;
c) cancellation or takeover of debts;
d) taking over the losses;
e) exemptions and / or reductions in payment of taxes, duties and other compulsory payments;
f) deferrals, deferrals from payment of taxes, duties and other compulsory payments;
g) renunciation of the revenues from the state resources or the resources of the administrative-territorial units granted preferentially;


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Frequent questions

What does state aid mean?

Any support measures that include the following:

Cumulative conditions

  • It is granted from state resources or from the resources of the administrative-territorial units, in any form.
  • It gives the beneficiary an economic advantage that would not have been obtained under normal market conditions.
  • It is selectively granted.
  • Distorts or risks distorting competition.

Who is relevant to the law on state aid?

1. The initiator of the state aid

Authority authorized to initiate draft legislative or normative acts that involve the granting of state aids

2. The State aid provider

Authority of central or local public administration or any legal person who manages the resources of the state or of the administrative-territorial units

3. The beneficiary of state aid

Any natural or legal person, independently, engaged in an economic activity that consists of offering goods or services on a market, which receives state aid


State-owned enterprises or any interested person

What are the ways of granting state aid?

  • Grants and / or subsidies;
  • Debt cancellation or takeover;
  • Exemptions, reductions, postponements or payment installments of taxes and duties;
  • The granting of loans with preferential interests;
  • The granting of guarantees under preferential conditions;
  • Its investments to the supplier, if the rate of return of these investments is lower than the normal one, anticipated by a prudent private investor;
  • Price reductions for goods and services provided, including the sale of movable and immovable goods at market prices.

What aids can be considered compatible?

  • Aid intended to remedy a serious disturbance of the economy;
  • Aid for:
  1. Training of employees and creation of new jobs;
  2. Small and medium enterprises;
  3. Research, development and innovation;
  4. Environment protection;
  5. Beneficiaries providing services of general economic interest;
  6. Rescue beneficiaries in difficulty;
  7. Establishment of enterprises by women entrepreneurs;
  8. Regional development.
  • Sectoral aid.

What constitutes illegal state aid?

It is illegal the state aid granted without being authorized by the Competition Council or granted after it has been notified, but before a decision is issued by the Competition Council in legal time.

Illegal aid also includes the category of state aid prohibited by decision by the Competition Council.

CAREFUL! It is also illegal for the aid granted prior to the entry into force of the State Aid Law and not reported by the suppliers / beneficiaries to be included in the State Aid Inventory.

What is abusive state aid?

State aid used by the beneficiary in violation of the Competition Council's decision, contrary to the destination for which it was authorized.

When did the State Aid Law come into force?

AUGUST 16, 2013

Within 12 months of the law coming into force:

  • State aid providers submit information on state aid granted before 16 August 2013 to the Competition Council.
  • The beneficiaries can inform the Competition Council about the state aid schemes applied before 16 August 2013.


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